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Driver's Education

Student in Drivers Education Car



Mrs. Linda Trofimow
Coordinator and Instructor

Mr. Jon Brown

Driver Education information and registration form

Driver’s Education at Medford High/Medford Vocational Technical High School is a comprehensive course which is a Massachusetts state-approved program and meets all state curriculum requirements. Our instructors are state certified driving instructors as well as fully  licensed educators who are well-versed in working with teens. 

Our program is conveniently offered here at the high school. Students will gain knowledge of the rules of the road during the 30 hours of classroom training and will build confidence both through the six hours of required observation from the back seat and the twelve hours of behind the wheel instruction alongside our experienced licensed instructors. Safety is of the utmost importance and students will be prepared to pass their road test but will also gain lifelong safe driving skill instruction. 

Our courses are offered at various times throughout the school year and summer depending on the student interest. Road lessons are offered throughout the entire year. 

Our driver education course includes:

  • 30 hours of classroom instruction
  • Final examination
  • 2 hour parent class (The parent class certificate is valid for 5 years)
  • 12 hours of behind the wheel road instruction
  • 6 hours of back seat observation

Frequently Asked Questions:

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